Restore Citizenship

The revelation and truths of the Kingdom of God are becoming emphasised more and more across different religious bodies, ministries, churches and denominations. Believers around the world are waking up and seeking to understand the big picture about the Kingdom.

Frederick Tobun

Believer's are asking?

  • What is the kingdom of God?
  • What makes the kingdom distinct from the world around us?
  • What is the relationship between the church and the kingdom?
  • How do we implement a kingdom mentality within a local setting?

Restore Citizenship is a call to activate your citizenship by collaborating with Christ and his Ekklesia.

The call seeks to:

  • Raise awareness of the message of kingdom citizenship.
  • Engage with fellow believers to enhance citizenship.
  • Build citizenry into the corporate body of Christ.

Watch Discover Citizenship

Our journey to date

Restore Citizenship launched the "Big Convo" a meetup to discuss a wide range of topics. From politics, sociology, culture, religion, philosophy and even what Beyonce ate for breakfast.

Big Convo

What a year! 2016 was a busy time for Restore Citizenship. We had the opportunity to hold our flagship event DC2016 @ Aylsbury and Haggerston. The event consisted of an interactive exhibition which received positive feedback for its ministry, clarity and relevancy. Visit our media page for more interviews and testimonials.

The ministry host Discover Citizenship 2015 (Building, colabouring and reaping the kingdom). The event consisted of an interactive exhibition which received outstanding feedback for its ministry, clarity and professionalism.


The new restore citizenship website goes live with the launch of Explore Citizenship on-line.

Frederick Tobun is invited to the "Would Jesus vote?" event as a panelist to support discussion and answer questions on faith and politics.

Vision, strategy and forward planning

Having successfully established the fellowship. 2015 commences with a clear vision and strategy for the ministry. This is shortly followed by the formation of the ministry team.

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