Living with uncertainty

Welcome back friends to our first quarter in our spring edition this year. Global uncertainty a feeling world citizens have become familiar with.

We all have become political commentators in our living rooms and friendship circles discussing the decisions made by those who we have entrusted with our voice - our vote. From discussions on Brexit, Trump, Nigerian Elections, European protests and the fear of the far left polarised by the fear of the far right ready to step in and change our individual worlds.

The world has always been an uncertain place and historically man has always been on a journey to find a paradise like the one he knew in Eden. What does our future hold and why do we hold so dearly to hope? Then there are some who have become desensitised and sadly no longer hope at all.

Follow this quarters articles to get a number of perspectives on uncertainty and Kingdom Citizenship...We have the following articles lined up for you all, “Be Anxious for Nothing” by Esther, “Faith in Uncertain Times” by Frederick and Ade’s “Prediction or Perspective”.

Be sure to stop off at both our Chronicles and our blog page.

Happy reading!

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