Pelumi is the co founder of Restore Citizenship and serves as a family elder in the Islington fellowship. A Digital Ux/Ui designer, Pelumi oversees the delivery of the ministries engagement strategy through Explore Citizenship and is passionate about engaging fellow believers with the concept of kingdom citizenship.


The life of a martyr

Imagine they walk in, point a gun to your head and ask you to deny Christ or die. What would you do?

5 tips to reduce biblical dumbness

Question: How many wise men came to visit Jesus in the manger?...wrong answer. The right answer is not three, oh and they met him in a house, not a manger. Oh, and a more accurate pronunciation of his name is “Yeshua”, I’m being extra now.

John opposes royal wedding!

News flash: He’s at it again. The charismatic prophet of Judea has launched a scathing rebuke against the upcoming royal wedding. Saying it is unlawful and dishonoring to God.

Her Reputation And Her Funeral

Oh, how the mighty have fallen” they lamented. This was arguably fake remorse, it was no secret that many amongst the guests were co-conspirators in her demise.

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