Welcome to the citizens blog, this blog space exists to discuss a variety of topics which relate to the day to day concerns of kingdom citizens. Blogs may include further discussions on our articles as well as other topical items.

Why the “One Man Team” Doesn’t Work

About a year ago I moved back to London with ‘tourist eyes’. When you have been somewhere else for a period of time and then come back to space that was previously occupied, you become aware of the detail that you have taken for granted. I watched a friend’s tourist eyes when she came to visit London. As we walked, she opened me up to the history of buildings and the beauty of the architecture in the city. Since then, I have been observing structure all around me– not only buildings.

The Missing Conversation: Journey to Citizenship

What does a letter, an email and social media have in common? Conversation. Yes, conversation. They and other media outlets hold the framework for different conversation to be held, from the project-email write up to reconnecting with an old friend or family member halfway across the world.

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