Welcome to the citizens blog, this blog space exists to discuss a variety of topics which relate to the day to day concerns of kingdom citizens. Blogs may include further discussions on our articles as well as other topical items.

Why is it it so hard to love?

Hate comes so much more easily. Evil literally just sits on our doorsteps every day; all you have to do is flick through newspapers or switch the TV on...

The Warrior Bride

Wild beauty is not often advertised because of its brusque look. Growing up, I struggled to pick between dainty and fierce aspects of beauty.

Brexitdus and the little kingdom mentality

Britain is just a little island, times have changed the empire has long gone and we need ever closer union with Europe if we are to survive in the global economy. Do you find the above pessimistic or pragmatic? Either way I'd describe it as little Britain mentality. Little Britain psychology plays down the country's ability to successfully self govern. It believes it NEEDS mother Europe to hold its hands.

What is YOUR citizenship worth?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about four little things that affect our precious pearly citizenship! The lies we believe, price, education, your position and renovation.

10 ways to walk with beauty

Sometimes life is like a massive rollercoaster. How does a citizen navigate through the messy parts of life? With landscapes that often call for action, here are 10 tips I came up with (with a little help from beauty and the beast).

Why the “One Man Team” Doesn’t Work

About a year ago I moved back to London with ‘tourist eyes’. When you have been somewhere else for a period of time and then come back to space that was previously occupied, you become aware of the detail that you have taken for granted. I watched a friend’s tourist eyes when she came to visit London. As we walked, she opened me up to the history of buildings and the beauty of the architecture in the city. Since then, I have been observing structure all around me– not only buildings.

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