Discover Kingdom Citizenship 2011 Discover Kingdom Citizenship 2011

Discover Kingdom Citizenship 2011

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Within a few months we host our first event Voice of Truth and share the message to more saints.

Discover Citizenship Exhibition was known as Voice of Truth (VOT) in its first incarnation. The purpose of the first event which took place in 2011 was to make people aware of the concept of the kingdom.

The format of our first event was more traditional and very different from what it is now. The central message of VOT was to restore personal and corporate governance in an informative, interactive manner.

It was and still is a catalyst and carrier of the message of the Kingdom i.e. five components but we have refined and re branded it since. For more information read Discover Citizenship.

Why attend?

Listen + Learn

Learn from fellowcitizens who are on the cutting edge of expanding the kingdom in their spheres.

Get Inspired

Find out how citizens are tackling and overcoming the big issues and challenges faced by the faith today.


Connect with citizens to enrich your network and build community and commonwealth.


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