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Chronicles Quarter 4 2019

Welcome back! What a great way to start the year by sharing a rundown of the last few months leading us into 2019.

Kingdom Culture

Happy new year to all our faithful readers and welcome to new readers who have found us along the way. Here at Restore Citizenship, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years it indeed has been a journey as we have continued to refine the way we share the message of the kingdom.

In this quarter our writers will be bringing to you some great content on Kingdom Culture from their individual perspective inspired by the Word. In this edition, we have “Kingdom Culture vs Christian Culture” by Esther S, “ Wise and Understanding Culture” by Ade O, 3 'Reasons people don't repent' by Pelumi and ‘Reclaiming Land for Kingdom Culture’ by Frederick T. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as we have some events to kick start the year. To begin with, we will be conducting our third Kingdom Without Walls based on the success of the last few events.

Last but not least don’t forget to stop by Chronicles Quarter 4 2018/19 for the lowdown on what the team have been up to. You can keep up to date with what we are doing by following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Happy reading!


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Chronicles Quarter 3 2018

Welcome back to Chronicles our review of the last three months and what a time we have had this summer.

Modern Day Martyrs

Being a martyr in the western world is something that not many think of in everyday life. After all, we are protected from harm by laws and mostly live in historically Christian nations. Even if the nation is not Christian, it is very likely its laws and values have emerged from the Judeo-Christian principles of love, equality and the importance of human life.

However, we have seen a surge in the west with the number of testimonies from believers who have lost their livelihoods standing for righteousness. Many are trained professionals who spent years mastering their fields. We are beginning to see the effects of the ever coming erosion of the Judeo-Christian laws that once held up pillars of Society.

So is it possible for so-called privileged believers in Europe to be undergoing a form of persecution or is this too strong a comparison? Are comfortable Christians living a comfortable Christianity in the West getting a wake-up call to the plight that is still affecting believers in the non-western world?

This issue is shaping the world as we speak for every believer. It is one that affects all Christians who want to labour for the kingdom, it is one that must be talked about and explored now before it is too late.

Join us this quarter for some excellent articles written on the topic. We have Frederick’s “Know your enemy”, Ade’s “Only One Life”, Esther’s “He stands!” and Pelumi’s "The life of a  Martyr”.

Be sure to stop by Chronicles for the latest ongoings by the Restore Team. We also have interviews by a number of panelists from our last Big Convo event discussing the issues of education systems for Christian parents.

Happy reading!


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