Welcome to Chronicles. A history of the Islington fellowships developments as a community.

Chronicles Quarter 3 2019

Welcome back to Chronicles.

In this edition, we plan to give you an insight into the recent ongoings in the community.

Chronicles Quarter 2 2019

Welcome back to Chronicles, and in this edition we will take you on a journey over the last few months as the team has been quite busy.

Chronicles Quarter 1 2019

Hello, fellow readers thank you for taking the time to stop by Chronicles and checking out our quarterly report on what the team have been up to over the last three months.

Chronicles Quarter 4 2019

Welcome back! What a great way to start the year by sharing a rundown of the last few months leading us into 2019.

Chronicles Quarter 2 2018

Hello readers

Welcome back to Chronicles Quarter 2 2018. A quarterly report to provide you with an insight into the ongoings in the fellowship as they continue to express kingdom citizenship.

Chronicles Quarter 1 2018

Welcome to this edition of Chronicles, the quarterly reports that provide you with an update on the latest events in the Islington community.

Chronicles Quarter 4 2018

Welcome back friends,

"Chronicles" is now in its 7th year running, and continues to give our readers an insight into the development and operation of kingdom citizens in the Islington community.

Chronicles Quarter 3 2017

Welcome back, readers!
In this report, we will be giving you a brief rundown of the activities of the fellowship in the last few months.


Jokae serves as a deacon in the Islington fellowship. A social housing professional, Jokae supports the ministries reach strategy by leading the co-ordination of internal/external communications, digital campaigns and article publishing.


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