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Chronicles Quarter 1 2017

Hey, reader! Welcome, back to Chronicles Quarter 1 2017. This is the page where you are kept informed on what we’ve been up to as a fellowship for the past three months. Can you believe that we are already in April? 2017 is moving steadily along.

To start off the year we have been exploring the lineage of Japheth (one of Noah’s sons), who you can find in the book of Genesis. We are particularly paying attention to the nation that arose from Japheth’s eldest son, Gomer through what we call kingdom studies. It is very interesting to see the rise and fall of this nation and how they have impacted society today. The authority of a nation is so important as it gives an understanding to its citizens. Moving through to February, we started the month with a collaborative discussion surrounding the component law. A hot topic at that time was President Trump's immigration ban. The fellowship discussed its impact and effects, and as you could imagine everybody had something to say about it. February was also the month we all packed our bags and hit the road for a retreat/training weekend. The coldest weekend in winter, it snowed, but since we were all in good company our laughs and jokes kept us warm. The third month of the year, we marched on with kingdom studies looking through our government shades, glaring at the people of Gomer. Managing a people is not easy and on paper reads so well, but in real life the grey areas are never black or white and make for great debates. Which brings me to a theme of the articles being published this quarter "Scrutiny." The authors from the month of February have been drafting and finalising a good read about Scrutiny. Make sure you check them out. See you in the next editon! Elizabeth and Mame Yaa


Elizabeth serves as a family elder in the Islington fellowship. A pharmaceutical graduate, Elizabeth supports the ministries reach strategy through the delivery of social media and email marketing campaigns.


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