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Chronicles Quarter 3 2017

Welcome back, readers!
In this report, we will be giving you a brief rundown of the activities of the fellowship in the last few months.

To kick start July the community commenced with a study on the kingdom of Magog. For those who are not so familiar with this, it is part of a series called kingdom studies. The study takes the community through the history of the nations of the world beginning with the sons of Noah after the flood. In this session, the community delved straight into the nation Magog. They established where they came from, who the main authority was and what both the old and new testament reveals about it. The community watched some fantastic videos on the subject and discussed scriptures to unravel the mystery of this nation.

In the last 2 weeks of the same month, the fellowship invited a guest speaker, Christian Psychologist Keeley Taverner to facilitate a workshop. There were two workshops that took place over the two weeks, "Emotional Baggage" and "Becoming your greatest self". This was part of our community development session where citizens in the community invite or recommend speakers to come along and share their knowledge on a topic which may be of some use or interest to both the personal and collective development within the community.

The community also watched a film about the concept of Minimalism and discussed what it may look like for the believer, and whether it is something that we need to be mindful of or a lifestyle that we should embrace.

Finally last weekend the community watched an excellent documentary called “The Coming Temple.” This documentary explored the exact location of Solomon's Temple, in the City of David, Jerusalem. A great documentary that looks at both historical and scriptural evidence to support the authentic location. The film also revealed some of the possible reasons behind the historical inaccuracies of what is perceived to be the location of the temple today.

Well, thanks for tuning in and we will see you next quarter!


Jokae serves as a deacon in the Islington fellowship. A social housing professional, Jokae supports the ministries reach strategy by leading the co-ordination of internal/external communications, digital campaigns and article publishing.


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