Constantine's Cathedral

A poem reflecting on how Kingdom Citizens became church members.

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The bloody blows in the brutal days of Nero.
The brave and the bold paid with their souls.
Will you blame those battered bruised and feeble?
Would you refuse Constantine’s Cathedral?

A new vision, a new state religion without division.
A new season, Ceasers recognition without persecution.
A new building, new pews with new huge steeples.
Bemused we cued into Constantine’s Cathedral.


We slept in his palace and awoke in his prism.
A pope for a warden a church for a prison.
A few did rebel, but no mass upheaval.
A people conditioned by Constantine's cathedral.

When we recall Zion and our King's commission.
Can we sing the Lord's song captive to religion?
O that God's children would sore like an eagle,
And escape the cage of Constantine’s cathedral.


Pelumi is the co founder of Restore Citizenship and serves as a family elder in the Islington fellowship. A Digital Ux/Ui designer, Pelumi oversees the delivery of the ministries engagement strategy through Explore Citizenship and is passionate about engaging fellow believers with the concept of kingdom citizenship.


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