Educating for eternity Educating for eternity

Educating for eternity

Gandhi once said, “Learn as if you were to live forever.” If this is true what would it look like if believers applied this to their life?


Education is wealth and if not the most important thing a human needs after food, sleep and good health. A good education is something that can make a difference between a decent and a below average life with little or no opportunities. People climb the educational ladder and become specialists or authoritative voices and do so because they have undergone an intense amount of learning to get this recognition and expertise in their field.

In many third world countries, education is expensive and hard to come by. In the first world, education is often considered a thing many take for granted though there is room for discussion on the value of certain levels or types of education whether they are entirely necessary or being cheapened over the years. Nonetheless, it is something that parents think about for their child, students worry about for the prospect of a good future, and the politicians meddle in a bid to sway our vote with their manifestos.

Lastly, if we can see the value in global education then how much more do we require the expertise of the kingdom. To be scholars and philosophers of righteousness and as Paul once said: “Study to show thyself approved.”

Join us this quarter as our authors tackle this theme from different angles, Ade's "Teach me," "Esther's "Do what I say not what I do," Pelumi’s "5 Tips to reduce biblical dumbness" and Fred’s “Education, mastery and misery”. We have an important interview with Headteacher Shirley Coote from Promiseland Academy on why she left the corporate world to start a Christian School in Leyton.

We also have a special video blog "What is education?" written by educational consultant Mark Neale discussing the philosophy behind the type of education our children are receiving.

Don't forget to check out our blog post and Chronicles to find out what we have been up to lately.

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Jokae serves as a deacon in the Islington fellowship. A social housing professional, Jokae supports the ministries reach strategy by leading the co-ordination of internal/external communications, digital campaigns and article publishing.


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