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Freedom of Speech

Out of the 7 continents in the world a small number of countries make up the free world and symbolise freedom.

These countries are some of the most culturally, politically and religiously diverse. It is the place that citizens from other continents fleeing oppression or persecution often seek refuge in.

It is why speakers corner exists and the statue of liberty is erected. Sadly, this liberty is eroding or at least has been suffocated over the years. In an atmosphere of political correctness many are now being censored to appease a new wave of identity protestors and those who support them through the spectacle of fake news.

Are we being silenced by the minority who often do not really understand the impact of what they are protesting for? Or the fourth estate, our news media channels or press who are called to report reality separate from government, but have been found to be feeding false information to the masses. Is there a hidden agenda when those who challenge the status quo is called a bigot, racist, homophobe or islamophobe? Isn't a place in the free world where we have been silenced, not really a free world at all?

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Jokae serves as a deacon in the Islington fellowship. A social housing professional, Jokae supports the ministries reach strategy by leading the co-ordination of internal/external communications, digital campaigns and article publishing.


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