Living for eternity Living for eternity

Living for Eternity

Happy new year to both old and new readers!

We hope you are all very excited about entering into 2018; an opportunity to start afresh or build upon the great work that you may have already begun. It is also a reason to be grateful, thanking God that we have made it into another year, which gives us more time to accomplish our assignments on this earth.


I would like to introduce our new theme that we have chosen to usher us into 2018, it is called “Living for Eternity.” In a society where many often live with not much thought of ageing and an advertising system that promotes the urgency of experiencing pleasure and enjoyment now, it is no wonder that many do not have a healthy perspective on eternity. The question we posed to our authors this quarter was what does it actually mean to live for eternity, and what does it look like?

So join us this quarter as the authors tackle this important topic and reveal how we as believers should position ourselves in light of eternity. We have “The problem with our promise land” by Frederick T, “Stamp eternity on my eyeballs” by Ade O, “Holistic Repentance” by Pelumi I and lastly, “Occupy till he comes” by Esther S. Once you have finished with these be sure to check out “Chronicles” to see what we have been up to lately.


Jokae serves as a deacon in the Islington fellowship. A social housing professional, Jokae supports the ministries reach strategy by leading the co-ordination of internal/external communications, digital campaigns and article publishing.


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