Frequently Asked Questions

Are you part of any denomination

The scriptures do not refer to any form of denomination but it speaks of the Kingdom by introducing Jesus as king at his birth. The Lord himself introduced the kingdom when he spoken to his disciples and many others.

When talking to the Roman governor Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world”. Paul tells us that “...our citizenship is in heaven”. This highlight to us that we are part of the kingdom of God and not part of any form of denomination.

Why the five themes?

Every successful kingdom is made of up of the following five themes authority, law, government, citizenship and culture. Understanding these themes will determine the quality of citizenship one has within the Kingdom. The less you understand the poorer quality of citizenship you will have. For this reason we refer to the five themes.

Is the message too complicated for the simplicity of the gospel

Restore does not complicate the gospel by adding false elements to it or adopting particular doctrines, rather it reiterates the message that has been preached by many in the bible which seems to have been done away with in many churches today. Thus it seeks to re-establish the true purpose to which we were called because many of us have become a religious people and no longer understand in its entirety what we were called into.God has called us to have dominion and express His culture throughout the earth.

This can only be accomplished through every citizen thats is born into the Kingdom, being raised to maturity to one day govern in the Ekklesia as God intended.

Secondly, after reading the first part of Matthew 16.19 we can appreciate that every citizen is entitled to the keys of the kingdom of God, but those who are fervent explorers will discover and unveil more of it.

The gospel simply means good news and that remains the same but the kingdom is always advancing and it is we citizens who aid its movement, hence why we need to get understanding. Saying that the gospel is simple insinuates that it is stagnant which is incorrect.

Is this dominion theology?

Dominion theology focuses on changing earth institutions and government types. But we are seeking to be under theocratic rule and be governed exclusively by God’s law in our communities.

The Lord said he would establishes his Ekklesia (government) in the midst of his people this form of governance would ensure we measured ourselves before him.

1st Corinthians 6:2 states "Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you incompetent to try trivial cases?.

We should be a governing not a reforming movement, by governing within our communities we automatically reform.

Isn't Jesus more than a King, ie brother and a friend

We are privileged as believers to have an authority that has established a relationship with us and can be referred to as a brother, friend, a High Priest and so on, as the many names that attribute the characteristic of our King are inexhaustible

However, we must recognize His authority over us as our sovereign King and we His citizens. It is imperative that we do so as Christ spoke about the Kingdom in the Bible more than any other thing which means it is important to Him and what is valued by our King must be valued by us.

Once we establish Him as a King we are then introduced to Him as a ruler of a Kingdom and then the 5 components that make up His Kingdom. Once we understand these components and relate to our King through these components we will then begin to express true citizenship in the Kingdom, which is His desire for all the elect.

Is there a difference between the ekklesia and the church

When Christ said he will build his Ekklesia he was referring to a governing body that will reinforce his authority and laws through citizenship and culture.

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church (original translation says “Ekklesia” not church); and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (KJV) Matt 16:18

The problem with the church system is it does not represent the kind of government that Christ referred to when he said He will build His Ekklesia. An Ekklesia is a theocratic governmental system that God intends to use to reinforce His authority and laws throughout the Earth.

The church system does not represent a theocratic governmental system. Instead it is very passive in the sense that many believers are encouraged to weekly sit down to listen to sermons and be fed on the word by a pastor/teacher. However, this does not facilitate an atmosphere of practical learning and unfortunately contributes to the immaturity and lack of growth in citizens today. Citizens of the Kingdom are to be raised to learn how to govern and legislate just as the old testament patriots and the believers in the book of Acts.

God has called us to have dominion and express His culture throughout the earth. This can only be accomplished through every citizen thats is born into the Kingdom, being raised to maturity to one day govern in the Ekklesia as God intended.

Are we under the law of the Old Testament?

We are not under the law as it relates to the Mosaic covenant. If we understand the law to be the Kings will, and not separate from His person then we will see that it is eternal.

Under the new covenant the law is legislated in our hearts and not on tablets of stone. This does not take away from studying the written law as the Spirit now illuminates its life and necessity for us today.