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Citizenship requires us to reflect upon who we are? and how we identify ourselves with the nation we belong to.

Frederick Tobun

With the invention of the Internet the information age was kicked into hyper drive. Within a very short period of time the world became a much smaller place. Advances in technology have replaced traditional forms of communications by providing limitless ways of connecting and collaborating across the globe. As a result new businesses, markets and economies have emerged redefining the geographical boundaries of countries.

What has been the impact?

However despite our advances the children of this age have grown-up in the boiling pot of geopolitics. The policies of globalism have effected our families, institutions, governments and economies overflowing onto our streets as crime, terrorism and war. There isn't a quick fix or magic bullet to address issues which spring from decades of spiritual, moral, ethical, cultural, legal, governmental and environmental poverty.

So why is citizenship so important?

At a time when national sovereignty is at the top of the political agenda, citizenship points to the very heart of the matter. It forces us to look in the mirror and ask ourselves who we are? and how we identify ourselves with the nation as a whole?

Why Restore Citizenship?

As the quality of citizenship erodes in society we are compelled by our faith to respond by rising up and demonstrating what it means to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. However in order to do this we must first discover and embrace kingdom citizenship.

For this reason Restore Citizenship was setup to kick start the "BIG CONVERSATION" by providing a concise way of understanding the kingdom through the five themes of citizenship.

The five themes of citizenship



An individual who personifies and governs through particular characteristics and attributes.




The definable will of an authority legislated and enforced within a domain.




The specific form of administration through which laws are administered.




Those who are members of a state or a nation.




The specific sphere impacted by authority, law and government.


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