A call to active citizenship from 1st Timothy 2:2

Active citizenship was at the heart of Paul's instruction to Timothy to pray for all those in authority.


Because Paul was a wise man who had a lot of experience standing before authorities (Acts 25:10) to testify of the Kingdom of God and the authority of Jesus the Christ. Acts 28:31.

Paul also understood our duel heritage as citizens of both the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms of men. 1 Peter 2:9-10. He also had first hand experience of the tensions which come when believers have to grapple with the will of authorities who impose laws contrary to the will of God.

So what is an active citizen?

Active citizens are members of society who value their citizenship and desire to better their communities by upholding the values, ethics and laws which make their country a wonderful place to live.

Active citizens demonstrate their value for society in two ways:

First, through nationalism by identifying with their nation; second patriotism by conducting themselves in a manner which protects the values of the nation.

Active citizens demonstrate patriotism through:

  • Loyalty to their authorities.
  • Knowledge of the law.
  • Respectful of government.
  • Collaborative as citizens
  • Resourceful in culture.

So how can I become an active citizen?

Living in the UK we can make use of the technology available to help us keep updated with the issues which affect the quality of the citizenship at a national and local level.

The following ten steps will help you practically implement Paul's instruction to Timothy.

  1. Learn about the way authorities and government work.
  2. Find out what government is talking about by watching or listening to parliamentary / committee meetings and legislation's.
  3. Keep updated on what government is consulting on by subscribing to government consultations.
  4. Get to know your MP and find out what way they are voting on so you can let them know about your views.
  5. Find out who your local Councillor is so that you can know what's happening at a local level and get in contact with them also.
  6. Subscribe, donate, support and promote local and national organisations like Restore Citizenship, Christian Concern, Citizengo and Voice for Justice who support active citizenship.
  7. If your are part of a local church / community, make a request to table regular national and local issues so that members are kept up to date.
  8. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Now you are in position to pray, petition and intercede for authorities because you are equipped with the right and current information.
  9. Set up a team who will help keep the local church/community informed and supported through prayer.
  10. Share this page with your network so we can grow an active kingdom citizenship community.

If you would like to know more kick start your journey by exploring the five themes of kingdom citizenship

For King and for country...


About the Author
Frederick Tobun
Author: Frederick Tobun
Frederick is the Founder & CEO of Restore Citizenship. A Father, Educator, and Apostolic thought leader and strategist, Frederick's purpose in life has been to provide Christians with a pathway to citizenship. A unique service designed to help Christians, fellowships, and churches transition into kingdom citizenship through a variety of community development, education, and policy-making initiatives.
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