Banks, Believers and Cultural Deficit

This poem reveals the cultural deficit facing the nation.

The towns’ highest tower used to be the Cathedrals peak

But in this modern hour Banks rank with unequal reach

The cities skyline testifies, and what does it speak?

It speaks “we value mammon highest, we value God the least”

And so the managers of the money were given prominent seats

Peasant played with pennies loaned by the dominant elite

Casino banks increased bankers bonuses, spoils and treats

And preachers preached prosperity, redefining ‘royal priest’


“The ends justifies the means” was the economic philosophy

The means seemed un-questioned before catastrophic catastrophe

The means was the culture, a culture of corruption and greed

Cultural production of weeds, seeds of dysfunctional policies

A culture we did not heed in times of bliss until blitz creed

A cultural disease with medical fees for tax payees

And now comes the protest; “We must tame this beast!”

“We must shame this grotesque monster,”” we hunger while it feasts!”


The people sowed their seeds to maintain the systems peace

Yet the system does not listen, and lessens loans released

What happened to social responsibility and investing for the streets?

We’re starving poor communities to keep the banks obese


The Kingdom has no other tower only Zion’s peak

Even in this modern hour, it has unequal reach

Our service centred buildings and denominations speak

It speaks “we value our religion, we value our Nation least”


Now here comes my parallel, not many can easily see

Believers propelled these ministries and crowned their sleazy chiefs

There pastors built casino churches, and mega industries

And preachers preached prosperity, redefining ‘royal priest’


“The ends justifies the means,” they dare not preach explicitly

But the means was deemed as secondary in pursuit of prosperity

The ‘means’ for the redeemed was the culture of the King

His laws cultivating green, yet rejected for carnal schemes


His culture we did not heed in times of bliss, till times of need

This culture makes us bleed, amongst the sheep are wolverines

Perhaps now will come the criticism; ”this system is not fit!”

“It does not care for citizens”, ”this regimes not legit!”


Still members sow their seeds to maintain the systems peace

Some bravely do break free, but seldom slaves and victims released

What happened to local families and nurturing the sheep?

We’re starving our communities to keep the “church” obese



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