Christian robots are hard to fix

Christians on auto pilot, ‘amen-ing’ by default Sunday to Monday service they worship like robots doctrines and traditions downloaded quite a lot Login and upgrade system, accept change it will not.

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Pastor Lorem

Pastor Lorem Ipsum ministers mumbo jumbo to sisters
Has a wooing way with words, even his banter bamboozles victims
“That's deep, deep”, though dazed they praise his eloquent speech
Steeped in fluent christianese, Christian cliches and Christianisms
Christian robots are hard to fix


Those on the church chairs cheering are called the amen groupies
Huge fans that fan the flames of Ipsums games absolutely
On auto pilot one pointed, touch not the Lord's anointed
Whilst another appointed a brother disjointed to join Amen ministries
Christian robots are hard to fix

Dr Dogma

This is Dr Dogma drugged on doctrines and schools of thought
Despises Lorem Ipsum and his assistants and all that lot
Unhealthy addiction to dictionaries, borrowed convictions he failed to query
No room for anything revelatory outside his pool or pot
Christian robots are hard to fix

Cemetery students

Drones like Dr Dogma find their homes in seminaries
Go in alive and emerge lopsided like zombies from cemeteries
Cemetery students hewn hermeneutics to tune their new tricks
Choose encyclopaedias over obedience till they ensnare him
Christian robots are hard to fix

Miss independent

Dr dogmas ex girlfriend and pastor Ipsums ex best friend
Ex groupie of the Amen church she formerly attended
'I'm off to do my own thing' offended by unknown thing
Accountable to no-thing, unrepentant miss independent
Christian robots are hard to fix

Rev E Relevant

No one has reverence for Reverend E Relevant
Dr Dogma and miss Independence, past tense congregants
Plays to the gallery, on governments salary
Bends to defend trending syns-nods to blend with establishment
Christian robots are hard to fix

There are many more in store I could role of my list
dynamic body of dysfunctional parts that simply do not fit
hardened and set in mould like clay that can not mix
Help us Holy Spirit, Christian Robots are hard to fix

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