Faith in Uncertainty

In a time when we are met with national uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. Citizens of the Kingdom have a remarkable opportunity to live by faith and not by sight.

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Are you worrying about how the government is handling Brexit? Yes! No! Possibly your worries are closer to home? Issues within your community, family, work, or even health? Maybe!

Unless you live on an island, I don't know anyone who hasn't experienced some level of EastEnders in their life. Whether your long-suffering is the result of a divine path or you are suffering long because you have allowed sin to have mastery over you.

There are many things in this world which cause us to be uncertain about the future. These moments in time can feel like an eternity, especially when the circumstance speaks louder than anything else.

In many instances, the fear of uncertainty leaves us burdened with anxiety even when the event has passed. How we respond varies. We either fight back, do nothing and hope it goes away or try to run away from what we are facing.

So what happens when you are pressed between a rock and a hard place? Well, it's important to realise that in these moments your knowledge of who God is and who you are become glaringly obvious. Do you fold under pressure? Do you wave your fist at God for not doing anything about it? Or do you make the decision to take a stand and press through?

For the citizen, you will be surprised to know our options are actually quite limited.

Why? You may ask.

Well simply put our lives are subject to the sovereignty of God. Hence we are to operate from a different plane of existence. A sphere of life fuelled by eternal and not temporal things. A plane of existence stemming from history, heritage and inheritance forged by a royal line of men and women who paved the way for us.

In fact, it's precisely because we are engrafted into this line that we often face many challenges.

The testimony from these great men and women disclose a gritty account of how their weaknesses became consumed by God's strength. Their records show how they learned through suffering to trust and obey the way of the Most High.

A key characteristic which stands out from this lineage is the ability to incubate a promise in hope, whilst being nourished and assured by faith. Hebrews 11:1

These saints learnt the art of contentment in all things because they walked by faith and not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7. They fixed their eyes not on what was seen, but on what was unseen knowing that what was seen was temporal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

They recognized that the promise they hoped for was made by one who had created both the seen and the unseen. Hebrews 11:3. Nourished in this knowledge and His sovereignty they patiently waited for the author and finisher of their faith to bring to fruition his word.

So how does the citizen today overcome like the citizen of yesterday?

Citizens of the kingdom must understand that the environment of uncertainty is designed to bring them into possession of what God has promised through a process called the dominion curve. The dominion curve is a model we used to understand the stages of GROWTH citizens progress through resisting changes which are not consistent with God’s sovereignty and dominion mandate. The dominion curve consists of:

  • A revelation of who you are?
  • A realisation of your dominion purpose?
  • A resistance to the status quo.
  • A reformation of how you walk.
  • A reconciliation with the Lord’s judgement.
  • A restoration and restitution of God’s promises.

By studying the dominion curve in the lives of our forefathers, we are able to see how the fruit of the spirit enables us to persevere in uncertainty whilst possessing the promises of God. 

For a further study on the dominion, curve watch the video below.

For King and for country...

About the Author
Frederick Tobun
Author: Frederick Tobun
Frederick is the Founder & CEO of Restore Citizenship. A Father, Educator, and Apostolic thought leader and strategist, Frederick's purpose in life has been to provide Christians with a pathway to citizenship. A unique service designed to help Christians, fellowships, and churches transition into kingdom citizenship through a variety of community development, education, and policy-making initiatives.
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