Losing my religion for what

Where there is a trend people will follow without understanding the true significance of what is being portrayed. Is losing my religion a true statement from believers trying to pursue the Kingdom or a desire to cast off all restraint. 

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“I am losing my religion.”

Notable individuals within and without Christendom have made this statement. They publicize their announcement and provide their rationale for their motives. However, I wonder if it is just a fad or if there is true significance to their declaration?

I’ve never uttered those words but in the last several years I decided to disassociate myself from the religion I was raised in and the religion that man portrays is from God. In order for me to seek the Kingdom that God from the beginning has wanted man to enter and partake in, one may ought to lose his/her religion.

The statement losing my religion raises some questions to consider.
What are you taking off to put on?
When you lose it, what happens next?
Does it mean shaking of the man made traditions not found in the Holy Scriptures?
Does it mean adhering to the letter of the law or abiding in the life-giving Spirit?
Does it mean disregarding the tenants of the faith for lawlessness?

If Christianity was the religion I was raised in and the religion I was saved in. How do you take it off and what do you replace it with?

The idea that Christ came down from heaven to establish a religion is quite obscene. But if you scrutinize the scriptures it is evident that the Messiah came not to establish a religion but to found His Kingdom (Theocratic Government) upon Earth.

In Matthew 16:18, God declares that He has established his Ekklesia (a civic assembly where citizens convene). However, over 2000 years of men misinterpreting scriptures has wiped away the true meaning of the word Ekklesia and replaced it with the misapplied word ‘Church’ that in its direct Greek meaning mistranslates the word Ekklesia. Read 2 Corinthians 3:6

Man built buildings in the hope that God could be contained in such. Without realizing the only temple, He seeks to reside in is the Human Body. In the early years after Christ’s ascension, the believers broke bread and fellowshipped from home to home. He forewarned the Elders, of men that will enter into the faith and begin to create rules and regulations that do not flow from the Spirit but from man’s desire to control and exploit. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for nullifying the word of God with their vain traditions. Read Mark 7:14, Acts 2:46, Psalm 127:1

Today many believers rely on one man to provide them with their ‘daily bread’ without themselves studying the scriptures like the Bereans. Church becomes a refuel station whereby when you run out of your holiness gas you come to get filled up, energized and motivated. The focus nowadays is on how many members are in the congregation and the amount of tithes gathered to pay off the necessary debts that having such large ostentatious building incurs. Read Acts 17:11

'Saved by Grace’ is one of the most used terms in modern day evangelical churches. However, the true meaning is lost because it is preached in the context of religion. A more apt translation is that God has provided us with access to His Throne by removing sin and has given us the resource to remain righteous by applying His law in our hearts. Therefore, God’s establishment of theocratic Government upon Earth is for His Sons and Daughters to realize that his indwelling in our bodies is not to drop on the floor in the ‘Spirit’. But is to apply His laws in our local territories to reflect God’s Kingdom on earth. Read Ephesians 2:8, 2 Corinthians 3:3, Jeremiah 31:33

When will we wake up that God is not a man that He shall be mocked and the religion that we present to the world is not the faith the Apostles died for. Modern day Christianity is not what God had in mind when he uttered the words ‘It is finished’. Read Galatians 6:7, John 19:30

Fellow brothers and sisters the aim of losing our religion is to understand that we have been translated into His Kingdom. In order to seek the King in His domain and to govern on this earth. Stop waiting for the Kingdom to come but realize it is here right now.

About the Author
Author: Esther
Business Entrepreneur and Civic Leader of the Civitas. Esther Sherato believes that understanding the Kingdom is essential for the maturity of all believers. She believes that the faith journey cannot be walked alone and fellowship together should not be neglected.
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