Responding to the Seasonal Midlife Crisis

Whilst watching a series of documentaries on Feudalism in Medieval England a statement was said that the average peasant life span was around the age 30-40. I thought wow, that’s pretty short, nowadays that's considered to be mid-life. In fact that’s around the age the so called “mid-life” Crisis kicks in, which for medieval subjects was a more end-life crisis.

The ‘mid-life Crisis’ can be triggered by life events, for many it’s a period of self reflection, measuring ourselves against past dreams, unrealised goals and seeing how our past future fantasies and present reality don't match. This, for many, can lead to a state of dissatisfaction, depression, and drastic changes (positive or negative).

I think every new season, new year or birthday potentially provoke a mini or major life crisis, we find ourselves in that space of reflection. I don't think this space in itself is bad, on the contrary, I think its important we reflect on how we have spent the currency of time God has given us. And that’s the point we should not forget, that the giver of time, distributed that time to you for a purpose He had in mind.

It then follows that we must measure ourselves and our use of His time against His objectives. This is not the time to meditate on the new car, job, house, or greener grass that the Jones's have. YOU, my friend, will NOT be judged on the purposes and dreams you have manufactured. It’s so so so important we keep our love and loyalty in check because our desires for other things will erode our productivity in the Kingdom. It will lead to stealing His time and to spending it on our personal ambitions. In effect building our little kingdoms with His time. Consider the scripture which says:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil; and while some have coveted after it, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

and compare it to

“Seek ye first the kingdom and his righteousness…”

Now I reckon most people can articulate what motions they’ve gone through in their pursuit of money in the previous year. But can you also with the same clarity articulate a few points as to how you have sought to seek first His Kingdom? Is the kingdom a side matter to you? Cus the King expects it to colour every facet of your life. He has been calling for your attention all year, but perhaps the reflective seasonal wind will cause you to heed the whisper: What about my Kingdom? He’s fully aware of your concerns but His call is still uncompromising.


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