Sports is no substitute for Christ

I met Jesus on the rugby field and since then started a journey of faith through the expression of sports. Over the past 30 years, the Lord has taught me His words through my sports experiences and communities, where I have met many great people that made me the person I am today.

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I praise Jesus for what He has done for me and my calling to use sports as a tool to serve Him. Sport is a microcosm of society; in both the sports world and our walk with Christ, there have been many battles, and on some days, we win, and on some days, we lose. There has been a lot of celebration and joy but at the same time pain, tears and frustrations too.

As I was seeking the Lord for more of Him and asking for breakthroughs in my life, I felt there was still something missing. I was not content with my limited understanding of God's game plan. It wasn't until recent years that the Lord has led me to understand more about this core piece of the jigsaw puzzle, which is the "Kingdom of God."

As I searched more, the Lord powerfully revealed to me what it means to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness. This is when I came across a community called Restore Citizenship and took a look at their website, ( Their understanding of the Kingdom of God piqued my interest. It led me to inquire further, which led to my conversations with the founder of Restore Citizenship, Brother Fredrick Tobun. He kindly spent time with me, patiently walking me through a course called 'Explore Citizenship'. He shared a lot about his journey and the revelations he's had on the Kingdom of God. It provoked a perspective change in my relationship with Jesus and His Kingdom.

I began to have a clearer vision on how to build communities, teams, and relationships through Him and sports. Also, brother Fredrick really delved into scriptures to show recurring themes on Kingdom and nation-building with God's citizens and children– which is our heavenly Father's idea for our lives. I understand that sports changes people and has been a great tool to help people; however, only Jesus and His Kingdom can transform nations, restore people and give renewed purpose to build His Kingdom! Hallelujah!

So if I can summarise in one word what I learned through this course, it is the word, "Build". We are called to be His citizens. Ones that build and multiply His Kingdom because of what Jesus has done on the cross for our sins, which gives us access to be ruled by Him, partner with Him, and bring heaven on Earth.

Thank you, brother Fred and the Restore Citizenship family! Let's continue to 'Seek First His Kingdom and His righteousness, and everything shall be added unto you.' Matthew 6:33.

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Author: Liberty Cruz

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