Strategies for generating income

Learn how to create new sources of passive and non-passive income using the 4P’s strategy.

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There are many ways to monetize your skills, gifts, abilities and knowledge. As citizens of the Kingdom of God, we are called to multiply our talents and ensure that our resources are managed effectively in order to maximise our sphere of influence.

A useful framework which has been beneficial in my life when implementing this kingdom mandate is the 4P’s strategy – consisting of Products, Programs, Presentations and Personalised Time.

Contained within this 4P’s quadrant are 4 resourceful and creative ways to produce income which can be incorporated into your life by identifying, refining and packaging your unique gifts and talents.

The idea is to diversify and create different streams of income, so you never become dependent on anyone stream. This way, if one stream dries up, you will have other streams of income which can sustain you.

Remember the words of a wise man, “A man’s gift brings him before great men”. The gift you are sitting on is loaded. Whenever you exercise your gift, the world will not only make room for it, but it will also pay you for it. Your gift will become a commodity if you spend time developing and refining it.

Now, I must stress the importance of ensuring that your heart is established insincere motives when embarking on this wealth-producing journey. You must have a solid understanding of your life’s purpose – or at the very least, you must be committed to your personal-development in seeking this out.

It’s also imperative that you have a clear guiding vision in your life about how you want to serve humanity and that you are seeking first God’s kingdom and His righteousness.

The danger of not having these things in order means your quest for developing extra strategies for generating income may be in vain.

Our motivation for generating income through the 4P’s strategies is to complete the purposes for which we were created, not our own selfish and greedy desires.

There is no doubt creating these streams will take some strict planning, effort and time, but it will be well worth the results! Once in place, the unique digital and non-digital products you create can bring in passive and non-passive income over and over again.

Would you like to find out more?

Using the 4P’s strategy, I teach people how to package the expertise that is already inside them. We have also published our free course: Strategies for generating income. This course will help you to identify your value, mission statement and 4P’s strategy through our helpful activity sheets.

Upon completion of the course, I am offering a free review to support you in packaging your gift. You can also find out more about me and the extra resources I offer by going to my website.

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Author: Jokae
Founder and author of How We Love Our Hair, Jokae Ayoola is an author, storyteller, and self-publishing coach who enjoys helping others by sharing the information and experience she has gathered on her publishing journey.
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