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Have parents dropped the ball when it comes to their children’s education? If the answer is yes, then let's explore what it means to educate. 

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To educate means to lead to knowledge, knowledge consist of “facts, information and skills acquired by people through experience or education”. Education can be a minefield for adults to navigate let alone children.

Our state-run education system has people at the helm with an agenda to induce our children into conformity to social norms. They aim to create replica copies of human beings, who will continue to drive their industries for the foreseeable future.

We are in a time where conformity is law, and the censorship of the mind is the norm. Our children are being brainwashed through state education, to the extent where they must not question who is a male or female. The Greeks have a saying “speaking well by not speaking at all” it was intended to control thoughts of society. “Not speaking at all” was about making sure people weren’t expressing their independent thought. Our children through the wrong type of education are being wired to think and speak what is acceptable in circular society. Censorship of our children’s critical thinking has led to the suppression of criticising society’s norms.

At the same time, parents are discouraged not to question or challenge the subjects or curriculum their children receive. But it is said that “education is a function of parenting, that parents, not the state, are responsible for the nature of a child’s education. People should not require permission or licence to exercise their human right to parent their children freely.”

We are facing a massive challenge about the provision of good education for our children. However, it is when we face such problems that we come across great opportunities.

In times past parents were at the front line of educating their children, they made sure they “reared” them up. The scriptures counsel us to train up our children in the way they should go. This scripture denotes that there is a prescribed way to train up a child and that parents should fully take responsibility of doing it and follow the example of Abraham and many fathers and mothers of the faith in setting up their children for a prosperous future.

Why should we take responsibility for our child’s education? What are the challenges facing us if we decide to do so? What resources are available and how much time should we allocate to do this? These are some of the questions that we will be exploring shortly at our next “big convo meet up” and in other articles such as “dumbing us down”.

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Author: Adewale
A passionate follower of Christ and the kingdom, Ade desires to see more Christians embrace their citizenship.
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