The confrontation

As we look at the history of the kingdom of God we see a history drenched in the blood of the innocent. Men’s lack of understanding and their unwillingness to investigate their heritage led to them embracing falsehood and myths.

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 From the beginning of time, human beings have sought to innovate away from God.

Their imagination and innovations have led to the persecution and violence of believers, but persecution has not only come from the world. There have been historical accounts of Protestants as well as Catholics being involved in the bloodshed of many of the king’s ambassadors. The kingdom of heaven has suffered violence within and out, but I’m sure that many are unaware of it.

It is said “the freedom of the part varies with the security of the whole.” I believe that the liberty of God’s people has been stifled by popular ideologies and individuals who have established and infiltrated the religious and political institutions. Most of our religious beliefs are hearsay rather than a deliberate and diligent search for the truth.  This in turn has led to clashes in our society that pitch the group against the individual, we see this consistently in our schools, workplaces, and communities.

Many now believe that the “sexual license will cure itself  through its own excess,” but I’m reminded that what one generation does in moderation another one will do in excess. I expect more immorality, pain and more darkness, not less. We cannot cure man’s depravity through man's technological advancement and vain imagination. The great thinkers have tried to think God out, in so doing have elevated man to lofty heights, however, this has led the mind to the end of its tether.

The scripture says that Jesus’ Kingship is real and that His kingdom will be established on earth. Meaning that God’s kingdom will by default always have a violent confrontation against any other kingdom. These confrontations will entail the clash of laws, government, and various ideologies. This is not new, it’s what has taken place from the beginning of time; the kingdoms of men versus the kingdom of God. God’s ambassadors should not be moved by kings, chiefs or men of high standing in society that govern the earth in unrighteousness. In the midst of this we are still called to represent the King of kings and Lord of lords.

This age is dark but no darker than man’s age of enlightenment, for we are the light of the world. We are citizens of the kingdom of light and subjects of the King Eternal. In the past, the established order said that the layman should not have the scriptures but individuals and small groups stood up against it and made it accessible to all.  Today’s believers are called to similar endeavors, to share in the unveiling of the throned One and the increase of His government.

The future clashes will see men deified believing they are masters of the earth and are on a verge of mastering the universe. Our ability to travel, map out the cosmos, has caused us to think we are capable of anything and everything. Believing we have mastered the earth and are about to be the masters of the universe reaching the conclusion “there is no God”. Humans are at the tower again imagining they can build a new world in the heavenlies.

Believers are called to stand in this age of innovation and vain imaginations to fully embrace the message of His kingship and sovereignty over all things. Our citizenship is in heaven but when fully embraced it manifests on the earth causing earthly men to behold the kingdom of God. The institutions of men will try and to stop the koinonia (communion, fellowship, joint participation) with the Lord's government but will fail because the King is sitting on the throne of David and all eyes will see it and will bow their knees.

About the Author
Author: Adewale
A passionate follower of Christ and the kingdom, Ade desires to see more Christians embrace their citizenship.
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