The Hidden Truth - Domestic Abuse Bill 2020

Fast Forward to the Domestic Abuse Bill 2020, sounds empowering don’t you think or was it a major attempt to hoodwink? Championing her rights, giving her a voice, and telling her she’s a priority. Oh but New Clause 28 and 29 - the hidden truth...

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I am he
I am she
I am whoever God made me to be
A mistake, never
Woven together
He saw beyond what your eyes could see
He knew the day
He would lay His delicate hand on me
My life is now untold
Can never be known
Repentant you're filled with remorse
"I wish I woulda...I wonder what coulda"
I have become an afterthought

Been sold to a movement
Caught in a web of lies
Legalised to make it justified
Progressive leaders
The lawmakers
Moral breakers
They have fabricated the truth
Dressed up as a sheep but indeed you are a ravenous wolf
Woe to them for the bloodshed it drenches them
A little while longer till your devoured in the den
1967 what a monumental day
The day UK parliament said it is okay
"But only in exceptional circumstances"
Is what they tried to portray
All she has to say is "I don’t want…"
And it gets carried out anyway

Fast Forward to the Domestic Abuse Bill 2020
Sounds empowering don’t you think?
Or was it a major attempt to hoodwink?
Championing her rights
Giving her a voice
Telling her she’s a priority
Oh but New Clause 28 and 29
The hidden truth
Just another one of their tactics and lies
To prove a point, infiltrate and completely dominate
To eliminate what is just with all of their might
Screaming: ‘MY BODY, MY RIGHTS…!

In one of your pro-choice rallies you said ‘trust women’
Trust who? The selfish and morally blind?
This is a case of maternal immorality
Mother I’ve been violated, I’m unprotected
When you swallow the pill
You can’t undo it, this is real
Suctioned, pulled and tugged out
Bones crushed
Heartbeat drops
Thou shall not kill
Thou shall not…
Heartbeat stops

I am he
I am she
I am the unborn child

About the Author
Author: Elizabeth
A wife, mother and family elder in the Hackney & Islington Ekklesia, Elizabeth believes that the kingdom of God isn't abstract and intangible. Rather it is an apprehendable and powerful force working through our personal lives to transform society.
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