Dear David Cameron


This article explores the often undefined notion of modern 'equality'. An equality that promotes uniformity and denies diversity whilst masquerading as social justice.

Dear David Cameron,

Congratulations on pushing for greater equality with the gay marriage bill. Redefining marriage to include man and man and not just man and woman should shut all those bigots up. Equality is vitally important to me and it’s for this reason I am writing this petition.

Many have drawn credibility for the gay marriage movement by making parallels with the civil rights campaign. I even saw a t-shirt slogan that read “gay is the new black”. In a sense, this letter is to make ‘black the new gay’. I say this because it appears the gay marriage bill has granted a level of equality we black people have not yet enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong black people have come a long way, but even today we still suffer prejudice, institutional racism and discrimination. Black men are more likely to:

  • Live in poverty
  • More likely to be unemployed
  • More likely be be paid less when we find jobs
  • More likely to be involved in violent crime
  • No wonder we’re also more likely to suffer mental disorder

Our white counterparts however:

  • Enjoy better job prospects
  • Enjoy better health treatment
  • Enjoy better educational opportunities
  • And suffer less racial prejudice

Despite all the progress we have made I still feel a sense of injustice. The statistics speaks for themselves, it is better to be white in Britain than black. It is for this reason I want to be legally recognised as white / Caucasian.

I understand the ‘equal skin bill’ requires radical reform, but if we can redefine an ancient institution like marriage I think skin colour is also achievable. We will never be truly equal until we are equally recognised as white and not black. This does not require an expensive Michael Jackson style operation, just a simple redefinition backed by legislation, stating that dark skinned people like myself should be legally recognised and identified as white. I trust you will consider this.

Yours sincerely

Black man seeking equality

About the Author
Author: Pelumi
Co-founder and Enterprise Manager of Restore Citizenship, Pelumi is a Father and Family Elder in the Hackney & Islington Ekklesia. Pelumi's passion is to see believers maximize their full potential as kingdom citizens.
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