What is education?

What is education? What is our attitude to education today? What's the philosophy behind the education our children are receiving?

These are some of the questions Mark Neale discusses and provides answers to in his latest video. Mark is an independent educational consultant who has run two schools here in the UK and is a leadership coach and mentor.

If you would like to hear more from Mark watch the BIG CONVO 'What's the cost of an education without God' on the 21st July 2018.

Mark was our guest speaker talking about:

  • the state of education in the UK?
  • the impact of education policies on children.
  • the viability of alternative methods of schooling.
About the Author
Author: Jokae
Founder and author of How We Love Our Hair, Jokae Ayoola is an author, storyteller, and self-publishing coach who enjoys helping others by sharing the information and experience she has gathered on her publishing journey.
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