When religious rites become equal rights

The General Synod continue its mission of irrelevance by urging Bishops to draw up plans for a re-baptism style service for persons celebrating their gender transition.

The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, was among Synod members calling for the new official service. Although blocked by Bishops. They are telling clergy they can use the current baptism vows to re-baptise a person after they have transitioned gender.

When we consider the Synod's recent steps we are left with the stark reality that it's leadership have wholly departed from serving the Lord and are now purely serving the interests of men. Simply put equal rights have replaced religous rites in the Church of England.

As citizens of the kingdom of God our entrance into the faith is based upon a very simple but powerful rite of passage. This rite is based upon the revelation of the Son of God and his Kingship. The rite of passage constitutes both inward and outward realities.

These consist of inward conviction, and conversion followed by outward confession, baptism and communion. Since the Lord's death, resurrection and ascension the church has been mandated to maintained this rite of passage.

This rite leads a repentant sinner through the process of death and burial into resurrection and life. Through revelation, repentance and confession we are forgiven of the sinful and corrupt legacy inherited through Adam and being justified by faith have the righteousness of Christ imputed upon us.

The ritual of baptism is an outward sign of an inward reality composed of the death and burial of the old man and the resurrection and life of the new man. It does not and will never mean the death and burial of a man and the rising of a women neither will it mean the death and burial of a woman and the rising of a man.

This is just a further manifestation of that which is inward and real being replaced with what is outward and fake. The pressure from the Synod simply reflects the carnality of the flesh seeking to draw men away from the true worship of God to worshipping themselves.

The pursuit of acceptance and mission of irrelevance simply leaves the Church of England with a hollow rather than holy life to give. The sad thing is that bleached robes will never remove the stains of sin on the conciense of those who say they speak for God but rebel him inwardly. Neither will a ritual re-baptism satisfy a transgender person's soul who has rejected the handiwork of their creator.

And fellowcitizens, we all know history has repeatedly reminded us of what the outcome is for mixing the profane with the sacred. 

For King and for country...

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