Although not the most preached, the teaching on mastery is one of the most necessary topics for Christians to hear today. 

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However, without obtaining mastery, the sanctification process you are under would be pointless.

Mastery has two definitions:

1. Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity.
2. Control or superiority over someone or something.

The second definition makes mastery synonymous with dominion and government. Hence, using this definition allows us to understand the importance of control. Mastery concerns the ability through the Holy Spirit to have control or superiority over carnality/flesh, which underpins the sanctification process in regards to separation and holiness.

Romans 6:14 For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace.
Under the first definition, mastery aims to have expertise in a particular subject, skill or activity. It supports the study, practice and rehearsal until mastery is gained. Mastery does not mean you know all, but you know enough in these particular areas. Through mastery, you would gain discipline, self-control and humility. The more you learn, the more you recognise that there is still so much more to learn that can never be learned. You recognise what you don’t know by appreciating what you do know.

In Christendom, the art of mastery has been left to the clergy, to a few special people or to people who are deemed as having the intellectual capability to study. Formal study such as masters and doctorates are not the only path of mastery that can be attained.

Nevertheless, mastery takes time and effort to be achieved. When ‘self’ is added as a prefix to mastery, it becomes a noun. Self-mastery means self-control which is a plain whereby the elements of life can not control you although impacted by them. Mastery is both a state of being and a process whereby a person strives to attain.

There are many characters in the Bible that gained mastery over a particular skill, activity, subject and area.

Daniel: Knowledge and Visions
Samson: Strength
Samuel: Prophecy
Job: Suffering
Abraham: Faith
Esther: Bravery
Ruth: Loyalty
Mary: Purity

All jokes aside, the key point is that in this life you have the opportunity to master if not a few things, but at least one area of interest which you might study, practice and rehearse to gain mastery over.

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Author: Esther
Business Entrepreneur and Civic Leader of the Civitas. Esther Sherato believes that understanding the Kingdom is essential for the maturity of all believers. She believes that the faith journey cannot be walked alone and fellowship together should not be neglected.
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