Colabouring to expand the Kingdom

What does it take to stand for the faith. In this series our speakers share what drives them, the nature of their work, the challenges they face and how you can support them.

Race, identity and nationhood

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, our speakers respond to the racial storm which continues to divide the kingdoms of the world.

Seizing opportunities in a time of crisis

In this series of Hub Talks our speakers focus on how we can be productive, solve problems and increase wealth as citizens of God’s kingdom in a time of crisis.

Exploring the Ekklesia

In this series of Hub Talks Frederick and Tim Kurtz explore what Jesus meant when he said "I will build my Church".

UK is anti Christian. Agree or disagree?

Christians are increasingly being marginalized, ignored and mistreated. Is the state becoming more intolerant and is society becoming anti-Christian?

Is the Church fit for purpose?

With many leaving the Church, some out of revelation, others out of vexation and boredom. Would Jesus recognise the modern Church?

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