Meet the team

Frederick Tobun

Frederick Tobun

Frederick is the founder of Restore Citizenship and serves as a community elder of the Islington fellowship. A digital communications professional, Frederick is passionate about reaching out with the message of kingdom citizenship and seeing the development of the Ekklesia within local communities.


Saved into the Kingdom but Lost in Religion

Are you part of a nation or a denomination? Are you a Christian or a kingdom citizen? Are you defined by the characteristics of the church you go to or the King you serve? Why ask the question? Does it even matter?

Faith in uncertain times

In a time when we are met with national uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. Citizens of the Kingdom have a remarkable opportunity to live by faith and not by sight.

Know your enemy

Saints! Know who your real enemy is! You are NOT called to fight foot soldiers. You are SENT to bring down principalities and powers...