You are installed on the hills of Zion, All authority belongs to the King. You rule over all the nations; Ancient throne from everlasting.


Your laws and precepts are perfect Your will prevails when you decree a thing. We declare these things among the nations. Obey because of loyalty to our King


The Ekklesia of God prevails over hades. The Nations quake as your government springs. No need for a location to be part of your Kingdom. called unto Sonship, co-heirs with the King.


Citizens of your everlasting Kingdom, Your glory and majesty we shall ever sing. Committed to commonwealth serving each other. We stand as patriots to serve you the King. A nation formed by liberty. Bloodshed released all from poverty. Mercy extended to humanity. Graves opened by his sovereignty.


The potency of our King’s culture
lived by men both great and small.
Causes strangers to adore,
the perfection of his law. 

You are the king who sees
You are the king who knows
You are the king who reigns in me, for all, over all 

This anthem is motivated by Psalm 145.

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