How to steal an election like Absalom

In light of the culture war we face today are there lessons we can learn from how Absalom used branding, the media and PR to usurp David's throne?

Beyond Lockdown

What is it going to take to see beyond the lockdown?

Covid regulations have been operating in the church for years, here's how...

Does society's response to Covid reflect the deep issues going on in the Church?

The Hidden Truth - Domestic Abuse Bill 2020

Fast Forward to the Domestic Abuse Bill 2020, sounds empowering don’t you think or was it a major attempt to hoodwink? Championing her rights, giving her a voice, and telling her she’s a priority. Oh but New Clause 28 and 29 - the hidden truth...

Strategies for generating income with Nicola McKenzie

Learn how to create new sources of passive and non-passive income using the 4P’s strategy.


A reflection on oppression and its occurrence within civil societies.

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