Be anxious for nothing

There is one thing we cannot avoid, uncertainty. It creeps up on us when we least expect it to. As believers, we feel that we should have everything sorted out, and never be a doubting Thomas. Certainty should be our daily bread. But the opposite is true, so many of us feel anxious about what tomorrow will bring.

A call to active citizenship

Active citizenship was at the heart of Paul's instruction to Timothy to pray for all those in authority.

Kingdom culture vs Christian culture

This article aims to highlight the difference between Christian culture and Kingdom culture.

Wise and understanding culture

This article explores the impact of Deuteronomy chapter 4 verse 5-6 on the culture of Israel and how we can apply its principles today.

3 reasons people don’t repent

This article explores the things which hinder citizens from producing kingdom culture.

Reclaiming land for kingdom culture

This article explores how the term culture has been misused in society and what kingdom citizens can do to reclaim it for the kingdom.

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