World in Crisis

Unprecedented is the word that is being used to describe the situation that the world has found itself.

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The word unprecedented means: never having happened or existed in the past.

Is it true that this disease (COVID-19) and its impact on the earth has never happened or existed in the past? 

We only have to look back in history at diseases such as the black death and the Spanish flu to help us put COVID-19 and its impact into perspective.

I think the biggest problem is not with the coronavirus, but it is with the way many governments around the world have reacted and handled the situation. I’m sure many political analysts will agree with me that world leaders didn’t account for the resources needed to handle the situation effectively and prevent many lives from being lost to this virus.

But I am shocked by the actions of most governments around the world shutting down non-essential services. Included in the mix of non-essential services are churches and other religious outlets. These are organisations that have been helping the sick, the poor and have helped reformed individuals, communities and nations. To categorise our churches as non-essential is to say that religious bodies have no answer nor power to effect this virus in a positive way.

I am surprised by the willingness of most churches to close their doors and go online when the majority of our churches could help their communities and nations in this time of crisis.

Most congregations around the world have resources that can be used to help with this pandemic. Below are ideas that I thought might help believers and communities in this time of crisis.

Connect with your local member of parliament (MP) to see how and what you can do to help support the government initiative to combat this virus, instead of just staying at home.

Large church buildings/centres which are currently empty can be used as testing centres when we have the testing kits available.

Also, our buildings can be used to help the poor and the homeless with shelter, food and medication. This lockdown should not be a lockout for the most vulnerable and outcast in our communities.

We also have vulnerable people in our congregation which may include people who have lost their jobs or are on a low income. We can use our tithes and offerings that churches collect to help with essential things like food and medications. Communication is key to getting people to still contribute and think about others in this difficult time. If people know what you are going to be using the tithes and offerings for I still believe they will be willing to give in this time of crisis.

We can respond to this crisis in a proactive way by connecting with others and the local government to do something about it. I still believe that citizens of the kingdom have the answer to this pandemic. The world may be in crisis, but the kingdom is still unshakable and full of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Be creative. Be innovative.

About the Author
Author: Adewale
A passionate follower of Christ and the kingdom, Ade desires to see more Christians embrace their citizenship.
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