Persecution in the West

The persecution in the west is increasing so why do Christians have to remain vigilant?

Saved into the kingdom but lost in religion

Are you part of a nation or a denomination? Are you a Christian or a kingdom citizen? Why ask the question? Does it even matter?

Constantine's Cathedral

A poem reflecting on how kingdom citizens became church members.

Behold the Ekklesia

Have you ever questioned a long held belief? Well, I do so today when I dig deeper into the biblical meaning of the word church.

A New Church

What is the difference between Kanye West’s Sunday services and the Sunday church services we experience every week?

Prediction or perspective

Currently, within our nation, we are dealing with Brexit and an unstable government. The economy is shaky, businesses are wondering whether to invest in the booming UK market or start looking for opportunities elsewhere before the bubble pops. 

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