When nonsense meets naivety

Naivety is the lack of experience, wisdom or judgement. Nonsense is that which makes no sense or is simply foolish (everything that doesn't align with reality).

A reading list for Christians

The definition of scrutiny is critical observation or examination. Whenever we have information in front of us, we should always analyse it so that we can make sense of it and put it to good use.


Politics is no longer for those on the higher echelons. It is for all and sundry to engage with. Politics can be exciting and it is what drives the events of the world.

Forceful men

“Ladies and gentlemen I am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again…”

The Great Storm of 2016

It is almost time for the French election, and the world is gearing up for another twist and turn in the result. 

What do google and the elections have in common?

The way we search for information on google can be likened to the way society searches for prospective leaders at election time.

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