Treasures from the grave

I remember taking a picture many years ago which has remained one of my personal favourites. I took the picture at Bunhill Fields, which is a burial ground for nonconformist's in London. 

Hidden truths from the Tabernacle of old

The Tabernacle was a magnificent piece of architecture during the Israelite's time in the wilderness. 

What is YOUR citizenship worth?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about four little things that affect our precious pearly citizenship! The lies we believe, price, education, your position and renovation.

The meaning and purpose of your life (Must read!)

Philosophers, theologians, and wise-men have suffered many a sleepless night seeking to understand and articulate this great mystery.

Freedom vs Liberty or two sides of the same coin

I was invited to speak to a group of graduates recently on the matter of citizenship. After the presentation I was asked by a member of the audience to distinguish the difference between freedom and liberty.

Our portrait in history

During the times of kings and powerful oligarchs in Scotland, many of the Lord's citizens stood up for what many might term religious freedom.

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