Our portrait in history

During the times of kings and powerful oligarchs in Scotland, many of the Lord's citizens stood up for what many might term religious freedom.

10 ways to walk with beauty

Sometimes life is like a massive rollercoaster. How does a citizen navigate through the messy parts of life? With landscapes that often call for action, here are 10 tips I came up with (with a little help from beauty and the beast).

Christian robots are hard to fix

Christians on auto pilot, ‘amen-ing’ by default Sunday to Monday service they worship like robots doctrines and traditions downloaded quite a lot Login and upgrade system, accept change it will not.

The separation of church and state

This article explores the history, events and subsequent impact of the concept of the separation of church and state.

Losing my religion for what

Where there is a trend people will follow without understanding the true significance of what is being portrayed. Is losing my religion a true statement from believers trying to pursue the Kingdom or a desire to cast off all restraint. 

All or nothing

As the Revelation, wisdom, knowledge and understandings of the kingdom takes precedence, our understanding of “koinonia” the way in which citizens collaborate together must also take on new meaning.

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