The Warrior Bride

Wild beauty is not often advertised because of its brusque look. Growing up, I struggled to pick between dainty and fierce aspects of beauty.

Race, class and religion

The concept of the city-state has been with us for thousands of years. History books provide us with evidence of their rise and fall. Out of the desire for stability, security and success, our ancestors journeyed from nomadic to native lifestyles.

God is not partial

What are race and ethnicity and how has religion impacted these concepts in society? Can men and women from different tribes, nations and culture come together to govern as citizens? Or is God partial and prefers one race to another? These questions are briefly discussed in this article.

A Time to Stand (Better than Egypt)

My favourite story growing up was the account of Israel in the book of Exodus. The story describes Israel's migration and their journey from slavery into citizenship. I would like to share some of my reflections on some of the narratives in the book.

Brexitdus and the little kingdom mentality

Britain is just a little island, times have changed the empire has long gone and we need ever closer union with Europe if we are to survive in the global economy. 

Treasures from the grave

I remember taking a picture many years ago which has remained one of my personal favourites. I took the picture at Bunhill Fields, which is a burial ground for nonconformist's in London. 

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