The Great Storm of 2016

It is almost time for the French election, and the world is gearing up for another twist and turn in the result. 

What do google and the elections have in common?

The way we search for information on google can be likened to the way society searches for prospective leaders at election time.

Why is it it so hard to love?

Hate comes so much more easily. Evil literally just sits on our doorsteps every day; all you have to do is flick through newspapers or switch the TV on...

Sometimes, we can be overwhelmed by it all. All the hate, all the dodginess but (and a very big one at that) I LOVE love because it kicks butt in the face of everything. It is fearless, it is strong, it is not shy to talk about what is wrong. It is the ultimate nemesis to hate. To explore this question a little we are going to look at three things.


As you get older you know people that have been hurt. You can feel the weight. You can see the pain drip like rain rituals from their eyes. How do you get through this life without even feeling that the weather has cheated on you? Take the beloved London for example; some days appears to be a grey mirage and other days…London is everything!

Current events of shooting, stabbing and unanswered questions have become the elephant in the room. And yet in the middle of all this, kids just have that radiance that we end up spending our lives trying to get back.

It takes us a while to get hang of managing something as rich as love and if we’re honest with ourselves we often mess it up, trying to reinvent its rules and double cross one another to get back the crown we thought we lost…


Love requires you open your heart and others open theirs but mistrust can get in the way of this grand scheme. And so we put up heavy walls that rather than protecting us end up isolating us.

Misplaced loyalty

Who hasn’t loved the wrong things or the wrong people before? I have. We’re addicts to things that break and you can see it all around you. It’s in our music, whatever genre you support; it’s in the things we esteem beyond our own lives. It takes training to understand how to be loyal and combat cheating ourselves and others in the process.

But where would we be without love?! wouldn’t even be reading this.

Put your hands around it, it’s not going anywhere.

The Warrior Bride

Wild beauty is not often advertised because of its brusque look. Growing up, I struggled to pick between dainty and fierce aspects of beauty.

Race, class and religion

The concept of the city-state has been with us for thousands of years. History books provide us with evidence of their rise and fall. Out of the desire for stability, security and success, our ancestors journeyed from nomadic to native lifestyles.

God is not partial

What are race and ethnicity and how has religion impacted these concepts in society? Can men and women from different tribes, nations and culture come together to govern as citizens? Or is God partial and prefers one race to another? These questions are briefly discussed in this article.

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