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The current climate around the world, especially in the west, is similar to empires in the past. The present is the echo of the past, and it would be wise to learn from the victories and challenges.

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The period we are living in is not new, and our experiences and fight is one that many have walked and conquered.

The reasoning behind the above statement is summed up in the following “don't be afraid”. This statement is a summation of this age because we feel that there are powers, stronger than us, people with more influence than us and voices which are louder than ours.

Feeling inferior to the powers that be is not new. I am sure that many of our forefathers felt the same way when they had to stand, resist or fight the forces of their day. One thing I know is that history is a great encourager, so learning from it enables us to make better decisions and stand for the right issues, in the right way.

One thing I know is that history is a great encourager, so learning from it enables us to make better decisions and stand for the right issues, in the right way. Ade Onabadejo

Protecting our citizenship by the stand, we choose to take today will protect and preserve what our children will be standing for tomorrow. The truth is that a generation of governing people will always resist the wrong type of principalities and powers, but people who lack governance will resist a governing people.

I remember a story about some deported young men taken from their homeland during the war. As they arrived in the land of their conquerors, they faced challenges of how to protect and preserve their citizenship in a foreign land. These young men maintain the authority, law, government, citizenship and culture of their homeland at every turn.

But why were they able to maintain and preserve their citizenship in the land of their captivity, and in an atmosphere of universal ideologies and the worship of the same gods?

The answer might be complicated, but I will make it simple so that it can be practical.

First, they discipline their appetite; these young men decided to keep their diet simple, which preserved their taste for home. Food is a fantastic way to remind oneself of home, community and nation. I still remember my dining table in Africa and the food my mother cooked and the experiences we had at the table.

Second, preserving their devotion to God, they were able to defend their allegiance to their sovereign even in a land that demanded them to convert and conform to their ideologies and religion. In the midst of new laws and the demand for all to comply, these young men disobeyed and continued to live out their devotion because they saw God as their King of kings.

Third, they maintain excellence in their work, which meant that they were not being prosecuted for illegal actions but for there allegiance to their sovereign. These young men's superiority wasn't only in their jobs but first in their devotion to their God. Our commitment to our King must have excellence which ultimately reflects in the services we provide to men.

Finally, they had the future in mind; the prophetic is something that many have lost sight of in this age. The future of kingdoms and the future of God's kingdom is what the Lord revealed and unfolded to them in their day. Daniel and the three Hebrew men are an example of how we preserve and protect our heavenly citizenship anywhere and in any generation.


About the Author
Author: Adewale
A passionate follower of Christ and the kingdom, Ade desires to see more Christians embrace their citizenship.
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