Irrelevance: The new mission of the church

Within the last few years we have witnessed the General Synod continue its mission of irrelevance by legislating a series of policies which fundamentally undermine the gospel standards of the kingdom.

Rather than demonstrate strong biblical leadership it's clergy have rubber stamped homosexuality, and transgender lifestyles by accepting gay bishops, banning conversion therapy and welcoming transgenders through special services to accommodate their transition.

Needless to say I thought the church was supposed to uphold life long marriage between a man and a woman and guide the transistion of a repentant sinner into the citizenry of God's Kingdom.

For many years the more conservative amongst us have called for a separation between church and state. Some for the right reasons and some for the wrong reasons. For those like myself who are not members of the established church we saw the unequal yoke of bondage hidden in plain sight, we were not surprised that the states civil authorities have effectively whipped the church into submission.

David Cameron did say only a few years ago that the church must modernise. With the legalisation of homosexual marriage we now fully see what the 'Big Society' looks like. 

Big in pride, big in arrogance and big in intolerance of religious beliefs. Well done Dave! Thumbs up!

So what part of set apart does the Synod fail to understand?

The message of the Kingdom calls people to repent and be reconciled to the will/law of God through Christ. 

The purpose of the nation of Israel was to be set apart to demonstrate the distinction of God's Kingdom from the world. The law of circumcision ensured that those whom participated within Israels commonwealth were constituents of the kingdom. 

We who are part of the new covenant Israel must also meet the same requirements. We must be circumcised of heart in order to receive the law of God through the mediation of Christ. 

The Synods pursuit of acceptance and it's mission of irrelevance continues to wipe away the distinction of being called, convicted and commissioned. 

We are consistently seeing the requirement for that which is inward and real being replaced with what is outward and fake. Without the fruit of a repented life and the quality of a circumcised heart, where is the discipleship capable of producing the fruit of the spirit to counter the lust of the flesh?

So that men are without excuse the Lord has continued to speak and warn the Synod against this slippery slope of apostasy.

Needless to say there is hope. For when some fail to be courageous with the truth, others are raised in their place. Apostolic men and women who like Esther, Ezra and Nehemiah have determined with their heart, souls and strength to obey God and rebuild the citizenry of Jerusalem.

Fellowcitizens honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king. 1st Peter 2:17

For King and for country...


About the Author
Frederick Tobun
Author: Frederick Tobun
Frederick is the Founder & CEO of Restore Citizenship. A Father, Educator, and Apostolic thought leader and strategist, Frederick's purpose in life has been to provide Christians with a pathway to citizenship. A unique service designed to help Christians, fellowships, and churches transition into kingdom citizenship through a variety of community development, education, and policy-making initiatives.
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