What is YOUR citizenship worth?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about four little things that affect our precious pearly citizenship! The lies we believe, price, education, your position and renovation.

  1. The lies we believe and price

    Value is everywhere; you just need to develop the eyes to see it. From bartering in the marketplace to the current economic system; we can agree that humans are constantly looking for ways to trade in a more efficient manner. Some would argue that we are trading things for …well more things and the god of our bellies.

    For how much would you trade your citizenship? A song, a dance, your family maybe? We all know that good citizenship comes at a price. Take for example the United Kingdom and the citizenship it offers, it is something many people would die for.

  2. Education
    Heavenly citizenship in light of this is no doubt costly. A price has been paid but what do you think helps to keep that flag up? One must continue expanding their knowledge to stay on the path of freedom that has been carved out.

    It was carved when they were chasing the paper, it was chased when they were stabbing each other, it came from tears that that had been stored for generations, it was paved through the crookedness of humanity. Bloody, wretched and almost invisible to the blind eye but regardless of all of that it was paved.

    When you channel what you know and use that to hit the road, you raise the flag you’ve been given. You must continue updating the knowledge to avoid traps as you navigate your journey in this life.

  3. Your position

    Small teams (units) are built every day and this, in turn, builds a nation. YOUR position on this earth matters. Without mothers and fathers, we would not have a preservation of a seed and ultimately legacy. We would not have the little boys and girls that take up the offices that this life produces.

  4. Renovation

    Sometimes our true identity takes a hit. Take a look around your immediate surroundings to see that not too far away, we ALL have been robbed one way or another, be it through slavery, betrayal, terrorism etc you name it. Our earth, our reality beckons us to return it to its original design. There is one word I feel embodies this process: renovation. Renovation is all about remodelling a structure that has been torn down or damaged. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love seeing the renovation of anything!

    This is a process that is needed alongside challenging the lies that try to thwart our true understanding and the real cost of keeping pricey citizenship. Our minds need a daily update and this earth needs our bodies to stand in position. Other times, we may need to rebuild to raise our true banner.

    Shrouded privilege, undone and undoing, the complexity of work.

    Avoid treating things as they should be and treat them as they were designed to be…

    We are ‘young money’ and sometimes we splurge.

    Now, in order to maintain that individual and collective identity that we inherit you must stay ‘woke’. Staying ‘woke’ is a colloquialism for staying ready aware but yet conscious of what you have.

    Welcome to life.
About the Author
Author: Jokae
Founder and author of How We Love Our Hair, Jokae Ayoola is an author, storyteller, and self-publishing coach who enjoys helping others by sharing the information and experience she has gathered on her publishing journey.
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