Fake it, till you make it!

A catchphrase which sprung up in the early nineties, the concept of fake it till you make it gained momentum through the self-help, personal development, life coaching and motivational speaking channels.

Faith killers

How did we get to the place where esteemed religious leaders use their platform to undermine the faith and infectiously kill the faith of others.

Are you real or fake?

It has become nearly impossible to detect the true children of the Most High from false ones. But one thing is certain God knows and claims who is His and rejects those that are not.

Irrelevance: The new mission of the church

Within the last few years we have witnessed the General Synod continue its mission of irrelevance by legislating a series of policies which fundamentally undermine the gospel standards of the kingdom.

Liberal love and equality

Did you know the LGBT rainbow is different from the real rainbow? One features 6 colours (previously 8) whilst the other has 7 colours. Close, but not the same thing, and with wildly different meanings.

Freed to speak

Freedom of speech is the legal right to express one's opinions freely.  It is a right given to citizens by their authority through laws. 

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