A year of government

What was the significance of the decree God gave Moses to speak to Pharoah, and how can we implement this in our generation.

Reference scriptures: Exodus 4:22-23, Hebrews: 12:25-27, Isaiah 62, Ezekiel 36:24-27

The Lord God sent his servant Moses to Israel with a decree. The decree was two-fold. Israel is my firstborn, let my people go that they might worship me.

It was not enough that they had multiplied under the conditions of slavery within the domain of Pharoah. There was a cry from the children for their fathers government. A government tried, tested and established through their forefathers that bought peace and commonwealth.

The Israelite s cried out for deliverance from the authority and government of Pharoah that had subjected them to an identity of slavery. His laws restricted the fulfillment of their exression. 

“True expression (worship) could not come forth while a system of bondage pevailed”

So the Lord, stood from Sinah a Sovreign with authority and governement and decreed that his sons must be released to rule and reign with him where he was. (Read Exodus 2:24, 3:6,9,)

At that time the Lord shook the earth determined that his people would be delivered from one government which rendered them as slaves to his government that set them apart as citizens. 

The account reveals how the Lord continued to strike Egypt again and again, ten times revealing the utter failure, weakness and poverty and powerlessness of the authority and government, whilst conversely revealing the full and complete workings of the deliverance of his people. Until the Lord called and bought out everyone of his firstborn he would not be satisfied.

The Lord would not cease until he had delivered them into his government. The Lord delivered them out so that they could enter in. From a kingdom of darkness into a kingdom of light. The Lord would not cease until he had delivered them into his government. 

This year 2012 highlights a season of entering personal and corporate government for the Lord's people, on one side we see the failure of government to overcome global disorder due to the pride and greed of men and on the other side the invitation and election of God to govern with him by walking in his statues, keeping his judgements, and doing them.

Fellow citizens hold fast stand together in whatever circumstance you find yourself and see the salvation of our God. A deliverance into the eternal government and reign of the risen King. 

For King and for country...


About the Author
Frederick Tobun
Author: Frederick Tobun
Frederick is the Founder & CEO of Restore Citizenship. A Father, Educator, and Apostolic thought leader and strategist, Frederick's purpose in life has been to provide Christians with a pathway to citizenship. A unique service designed to help Christians, fellowships, and churches transition into kingdom citizenship through a variety of community development, education, and policy-making initiatives.
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