Brexidus and the little kingdom

Britain is just a little island, times have changed the empire has long gone and we need ever closer union with Europe if we are to survive in the global economy. 

Do you find the above pessimistic or pragmatic? Either way I'd describe it as little Britain mentality. Little Britain psychology plays down the country's ability to successfully self govern. It believes it NEEDS mother Europe to hold its hands.

How did 'great' Britain come to such a place?  In my view, the 'Little Britain' mindset is the consequence of 'outsourcing government', a concept I discussed in a previous article.

Countries that fail to legislate their own laws for their own people have usually been colonised in one way or another. But in Britain's case it's been a slow outsourcing of powers and increased reliance on a European central government. This ever increasing dependency over time has led to a disempowered mentality void of self-belief.

The 'church' (I really mean the Ekklesia) has suffered a much longer period of outsourcing its legislative powers and has long since forgotten her birthright. It's so bad the concept of Nationhood has given way to denomination-hood, binding and loosing (legislative action) has become passionate beating of the air prayers, and Christ (the appointed Sovereign) has conveniently been caricatured as a religious icon. The Kingdom usurped by Christendom #sad.

You see failure to understand we are a government (God's called out assembly) has also resulted in failure to govern and shape serious policies for our communities, instead we spend our time reacting to the (earthly) countries laws and wondering how we can shape our churches to meet the demands of a lesser government. Policy shaping, institution building, that's rigorous work, that's for the world right? We're just meant to pray about stuff and worship through song...right? Oh how airy-fairy flaky of us, how...unrigorous.

Lets use the Church of England as an example, it represents a religious institution subservient to the elected government. First the political party in power elects its leader, and even doctrinal matters that strike at the heart ecclesiastical doctrine can be altered by the dictates of the house of commons (if it so wished to). What a Pitiful and pathetic situation, the house of God subservient to the house of Windsor? Or house of commons? Or any house.

No sir, we'll abide by earthly laws so long as they don't violate our devotion to our sovereign, meanwhile we will apply divine wisdom (to build our communities) from His unchanging laws to exercise Godly governance over all things. We have higher laws, a better way of thinking a superior culture the earth longs for. Yes indeed we’re a peculiar and superior people by virtue of our citizenship. And no to ever closer union with the world. Let's ‘brexitdus’ from this little kingdom mindset and remember the responsibilities attached to being co heirs with Christ. Let’s restore Kingdom citizenship.

For King and for Kingdom.

About the Author
Author: Pelumi
Co-founder and Enterprise Manager of Restore Citizenship, Pelumi is a Father and Family Elder in the Hackney & Islington Ekklesia. Pelumi's passion is to see believers maximize their full potential as kingdom citizens.
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