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The Civitas

The Civitas

Assemble to discuss, debate and shape policies for the kingdom citizens.

  • Welcome to the Civitas

    The Civitas has been designed for the citizenry of the ekklesia to assemble discuss, debate, and shape policies for our communities.

    Through the Civitas you can attend public forums, committees and quorums.

    Public forums

    Public forums facilitate conversations within the citizenry to raise awareness and consolidate thought to kick start the process of formulating policy. They bring the citizenry of the ekklesia together to participate in discussions about issues that impact their everyday lives.


    Committees are sub-groups of the citizenry who have been nominated to fulfill specialized functions, research and scrutinize policy and policy-making procedures and practices.


    Our quorum consists of a deliberative assembly that makes up a minimum number of the citizenry who assemble to make decisions on legislation by voting policies into action.

    To join upcoming Civtas meetings see our events page.

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